Oil & Gas

Galfar Al Misnad is a prominent EPC provider in the Oil and Gas sector in Qatar. We have established a reputation for consistently delivering quality projects for the past 25 years in Qatar. This is reflected through the robust long term relationships we hold with all the leading companies in the hydrocarbon industry. 

Our current position in the market is a result of our many successes; starting from our very first project in 1995 in Dukhan, which initiated Galfar Al Misnad’s foray into Qatar; to the high value Flowline Project, which we have been continuously operating since we received the first contract in 2000.

What We Offer:

The Oil & Gas Division primarily caters to onshore and offshore oil & gas field services, as well as petrochemical and allied industries.

  • Engineering and Construction Work
    • Onshore and offshore construction solutions
    • Full range of integrated services for EPC plants including:
      • Project management
      • Process engineering
      • Multidisciplinary detailed engineering
      • Procurement, construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning and start up services for onshore and offshore plants
  • Maintenance and Industrial
    • Work Maintenance, shutdown and minor capital works
    • General maintenance work in the sector
    • Maintenance engineering and services to increase the performance of existing facilities.


  • EPIC of Oil & Gas, Petrochemical projects
  • Flow lines, Piping & Pipelines
  • Process plants and utilities
  • Storage tanks & refurbishments
  • Shutdown and turnaround of refineries, production and process stations
  • Installation of chemical injection skids and deluge skids
  • Industrial, surface preparation and protective coating
  • Erection of heavy equipment such as vessels, columns, heat exchangers, dome roofs, etc.
  • Installation of rotating equipment such as pumps, compressors, etc.
  • Internal lining works
  • Technical support service
  • Plant Upgrades and Maintenance
Upstream: Our expertise in this field ranges from wellhead to treatment centers. Our management skills, engineering flexibility, and ingenuity enable us to successfully handle even the most complex project situations.

Downstream: We operate many downstream projects including revamping of oil storage facilities at refineries, and the revamping or installation of petroleum/petrochemical units.


  • EPIC of route survey, design, construction, installation & hookup of oil flowlines, gas lift flowlines & PWI spur lines at Dukhan - 20 years and running.
  • Construction of storage tanks at Mesaieed and Dukhan of sizes 16m to 72m dia and 14 to 18m high, including open roof, cone roof, dome roof cum internal floating roof and floating roof.
  • Major overhaul of crude oil tanks & replacement of 48" headers at Halul.EPIC for produced water treatment and injection (Dukhan fields: KM & KS degassing stations & PWI stations PS-1).
  • Engineering (Residual), Procurement & Construction of CO2Injection and Export Tie-in Facilities
  • EPIC of Seawater System Capacity Enhancement at RLOC
  • EPIC of pipelines and oily water effluent pipeline in Dukhan fields.
  • EPIC of butane supply to QAFAC-QCHEM Mesaieed & new surge tank at Mesaieed terminal.
  • Construction of WOQOD fuel station at al Wakra South area.
  • Galfar has the distinction of working at Halul Island for oil & gas projects since 2007.

Current Projects:

  • EPIC for CO2 Water Alternating Gas (WAG) Injection Pilot Project at Dukhan.
  • EPIC for Route Survey , Design Construction, Installation & Hook Up of Well Flow Lines in Dukhan Fields 2019-2022.
  • Major Overhaul of Crude Oil Tanks T-5002, 06, 07 & 9 T-5050 - Halul.
  • EPIC of Balance Works for Drainage Upgrade and Early Works for WWTP Upgrade, QP Refinery Mesaieed